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 Still wont spawn

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Small Fry
Small Fry

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PostSubject: Still wont spawn   Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:03 pm

After waiting a long time for my proven pair to start spawning again follow up from (stopped spawning please help??) both the male and female over the past couple of weeks have started to show signs but we are still having problems.

It started off with the male fanning in front if his cave which he used to attract the female but she was not interested. It lasted for about three days and then he gave up. a few days after that I noticed the female cleaning around his cave and trying to get in with him, at first it looked hopeful as she got in but then he just kicked her out and this went on all day and then everything went back to normal until Saturday. I had a look at my female and she was bloated or gravid and she usually gets like this just before a big spawn but neither of them were showing interest in each other and yesterday I looked at her and she was back to normal. I then thought she had spawned with him but he was eating and not near the cave at all and no eggs kicking about either. so today I gave them there food as normal and the male is fanning again and not eating but she is so I am very confused and am not sure what is going on. The water is perfect the temp is normal?????? I have even given them the tank to their selves.

Does anyone have any idea at all?

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Still wont spawn
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