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 2 spawns in one tank?????

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Small Fry
Small Fry

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PostSubject: 2 spawns in one tank?????   Fri Sep 03, 2010 1:13 am

hi i have a 2ft aquarium which i have my breeding trio which is a brown male, brown female and albino female.

sunday i introduced two mature albino longfins male and female which are possibly a pair which i got for £20 which im so pleased about. Just before i introduced them my brown pair spawned again which i have been waiting for them to start again since jan. i did not realise my brown pair had pawned untill i actually put the new longfins in the tank with them so i just left them and hoped for the best and the fry hatched today.

would this effect my trio spawning agian as normal or will they stop??

my brown male is bigger than the new longfin male and so i dont think he is much of a threat and the same goes for my brown female. if my trio carrys on as normal will there be any chance of the new pair spawning in the same tank or the new female spawning with my old male???

should i put another cave in the tank for the longfin male or will he not spawn at all if the trio is smawning??? i dont really know what to do for the best? i would love to have little albino longfin babys swimming about but what is the best way to do it without causing problems with my regulare breeding trio.


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2 spawns in one tank?????
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