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 DYI fry saver - clothes peg basket?

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PostSubject: DYI fry saver - clothes peg basket?   Wed Dec 29, 2010 10:53 am

I have a question regarding what to use to make a DIY fry saver. I know a quite a few people use ice cream containers and the thing is... I'm currently on a diet (I need to lose 15 kg to get healthy) and have being avoiding ice creams, chocolates or any other high sugar foods. I have found another suitable container shape but I don't know if it's safe for an aquarium.

The container i've found is a clothes peg basket. The size, shape and the fact that it has in built hooks to attach itself to the side of the tank is perfect! I'm thinking about lining the container with fiberglass window mesh coz the holes in the basket is a bit too big for the fries. However one of my friends has commented on the plastic which it's made out of might be harmdful.... Due to the clothes peg is made in china and I'm not sure if the plastic will leech out any toxins that may harm the fishes.

Have anyone tried it? Due you guys think it's safe to put into tank? Are there ways to test it without harming a fish?
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DYI fry saver - clothes peg basket?
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