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 Best SIllica Gravel...

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PostSubject: Best SIllica Gravel...   Tue Feb 01, 2011 1:36 am

I usually use the best silica fine washed gravel, or sand and then wash it through lots (about 3hrs)
this gravel is for my lounge aquarium, but since I am moving some fish tanks over to my girl friends
I wanted to swap to some red fine washed gravel. Do you lot know of which brand as low colour leakage and is reasonably priced.

I am setting a 4ft x 12inch x 18inch tank up and wanted to show my peppermint's L071's, and a few albino's at their best
As such was swapping to red gravel for a change.

I have used sand, black, and blue gravel in other tanks with no problems, though the blue leached a little....

I have used aqua pets ltd before though wondered what you guys and ladies used.

Kind regards

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Best SIllica Gravel...
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