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 Internal parasite treatment

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PostSubject: Internal parasite treatment   Internal parasite treatment EmptyFri Feb 04, 2011 9:47 pm

I purchased some medication for internal parasites to treat all of the tanks. The web site didn't mention what the active ingredient was in either of these products, just that they should get used together and that they shouldn't be used with inverts. I received the the stuff and read the packages. One of them states not to be used with catfish. Now I need to figure out what plan of attack I should take.

Here's some background. At about the time I noticed Camallanus protruding from one of the BN, I noticed one of the angelfish in the same tank behaving like it was dealing with gill flukes. I used Prazi-Pro, which I've had great luck with in the past. This time I didn't get the results I would have liked. It worked but didn't knock the buggers out of the game.

Looking on-line I came across a product that I thought would work and not turn the silicone blue in the tanks. The company selling it recommended it be used with another product. I should have been a little suspicious that they didn't list the active ingredients. Turns out the product I was initially buying is Di-N-Butyl tin oxide and the add on product is Dylox-80 with some salt. The Di-N-Butyl tin oxide, I do believe, should be safe for BN, but the Dylox 80 I'm thinking I should be cautious of.

There is another product that in the past has been the best fish wormer for fish. It was originally designed as a pig and sheep wormer. I have been having a difficult time locating it and I do believe I've found out why. Turns out the stuff is being used as a cutting agent for certain illegal drugs. (I'm avoiding specifics on purpose.) I'm thinking I should just avoid that one anyway.

Here's my thoughts. There's 6 tanks that are going to be treated. I can move all three BN and a Pleco into a 20L with a bunch of teenage Julis and treat them with just the Di-N-Butyl tin oxide and then treat the other 5 tanks (2 with angelfish and 3 fishless) with both products. The 3 tanks that are fishless will eventually have shrimp so I need to treat those before the shrimp or there will be no treating those tanks. What do you think? I hate to go buying other products if I can avoid it. The Dylox 80 is a 4 week treatment so its a good thing there's only 1 male BN. Not sure what the Pleco is.

Have any of you had experience with these products being used with BN?

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Internal parasite treatment
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