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 reducing bloat

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Small Fry
Small Fry

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PostSubject: reducing bloat   Sun May 15, 2011 5:02 pm

so i have 2 common BN's in a 55 with a trio of young jewel cichlids and 2 baby bichirs. The plecos were eating fine, but now that i've added the other fish, the plecos seem to only want to eat their meaty foods (shrimp pellets, blood worms, beafheart, hikari pellets). Now the larger of the 2 plecos' stomach has begun to swell and i'm worried about bloat. I've added a cucumber to distract him from their food and get him/her some vegtable matter. Besides reducing feedings, is there anything i can do to make sure my BN are healthy?
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PostSubject: Re: reducing bloat   Sun May 15, 2011 7:03 pm

Are you sure it's bloat and not just a gravid female, a photo of the fish would help.

How often are you feeding the meaty foods? BN's are herbivores and to much meaty/high protein food can cause bloat. Meaty foods can be given as the occasional treat but the best thing to feed them is vegatables. If your feeding the meaty foods for the other fish then you should think about seperating your BN's as all that meaty food will cause them problems.

Just in case it's bloat seperate the affected fish as bloat can easily spread to your other fish. Feed some peas that have been blanched for a couple of minutes and the then de-shelled(removing the outer harder skin of the pea).

Try and post a photo and then members can confirm if it is or is not bloat.

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reducing bloat
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