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 taking suggestions for my first bristlenose.

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Fish Egg

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PostSubject: taking suggestions for my first bristlenose.   Tue Sep 13, 2011 2:55 pm

So far I have my tank, 55 gallon by marineland. It have the led lighting with day/night lights. It came with a penquin 350b filter. I have also picked up a couple used filters, both for about 70 gal tanks. I exchanged the stelth heater that came with the kit for a fluval m200. I have one top fin air-3000. I use pool filter sand for my substrate which is extremely light in color. I also have a couple good size pieces of driftwood for this tank.

As of now I have 10 neon tetras in a 30 gal. I plan to move them to the big tank once I get it up and going. I am going to up that group to a couple dozen or so. I may throw in a dozen glofish danios for the kids.

My questions here are what is a good BN for this setup? What should I change to make the environment better for the BN? I don't have a lot of selection locally available but I'm not to keen on ordering online as I can't be sure that I'm home when its delivered so I would want something fairly common. What do you suggest?
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PostSubject: Re: taking suggestions for my first bristlenose.   Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:54 pm

well, as you are in the states you have a few more choices than us poor Aussies down here but that said I would still be going for a common bristlenose. There are several different morphs of the common bristlenose but all of them are excellent.

Personally I love them all and picking a single one to have would be hard. However, i know from selling them that the most popular is the Albino longfin morph, and I have to admit they look good!

you do have access to lots of other types of bristlenose. I must admit i have always wanted a Medusa bristlenose but they are illegal to import in Aus. So have a look into some of the different types.

Don't be afraid of ordering online. I know it seems a bit harsh but it is actually very safe these days. I have done it many time and have posted fish myself, its easy!

In terms of how the tank is set up, seems like everything is ok. I use pool filter sand too, you have wood and if you have neon tetra then the water parameters must be clost to the mark as they prefer the same water type.

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taking suggestions for my first bristlenose.
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