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 So heres a question...well thought..

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PostSubject: So heres a question...well thought..   Sun Nov 06, 2011 12:30 pm


my pair of pep's have done the deed, the fry are now free swimming and doing well......

my next question is a bit of a noob question,

i originally bought a pair of pep's sold to me as 183 but i knew they worn't, i think i id them as 181, but will be able to tell when the fry grow a little,

i also bought a trio of pep's from a seperate shop, these where labeled as l030 which arn't even bristle nose, lol....

i managed to ID these as possably 180/181 i'm not 100%

the fish are very similar and no real noticeable differents, the only think i have spoted is the 181 male has a blue colour to his eye and the other male's more of a gold colour......

any way my actual question is.....

i have a very gravid female from the 2nd group of pep's and she is trying to get involved with the original male so either a) they are all the same L number...or b) can l181 and l180 interbreed...?

cheers guys...

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PostSubject: Re: So heres a question...well thought..   Sun Nov 06, 2011 7:41 pm

As far as I know L180's and L181's can not interbreed.
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So heres a question...well thought..
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