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 powerhead flow splitter

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PostSubject: powerhead flow splitter   powerhead flow splitter EmptyMon Jan 23, 2012 4:10 pm

kk, so heres my thoughts on makeing a current in multi split tanks,

in my quest to lower wattage i have a bit of an idea,

would this work !!!!

using a 1000lph power head, connect a small lenth of hose to the outlet pip, then connect a 3/4 way hose pipe splitter, then connect a lenth of hose running into each compartment of the split tank aimed across the front of the pleco caves,

FYI the 4ft has a false back 2.5" from the actual back of the tank, all the compartments have slots drilled for water to flow to the back area, i want to take water from the back area and fire it back into the compartments. heater, powerhead, filters housed in the back single area.

(one day i will get round to sticking the plans online for you guys to lauf at Smile

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powerhead flow splitter
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