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 Sickly looking Pitbull Pleco, Lda25

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Sickly looking Pitbull Pleco, Lda25 Empty
PostSubject: Sickly looking Pitbull Pleco, Lda25   Sickly looking Pitbull Pleco, Lda25 EmptyFri Feb 10, 2012 11:19 pm

I wasn't too attentive to which pleco he was pulling from the tank last week at the LFS, and as a result I ended up with an lda25 that has a sunken stomach and is breathing very rapidly compared to the other lda25. I am thinking parasite maybe? Also if you look at the fins you'll see they are in rough shape as well. I have been feeding wafers and cucumbers, spinach and some frozen blood worms. Blood worms mainly just intended for the tetras and Cory's. No change in the lda25. Any ideas? Sorry about the dirty glass.
100gal tank
tank mates: 5 common bn
1 checker barb
20 or so neons
20 or so silver tip tetras
some shrimp
3 kuhli loaches
1 other pitbull pleco
7 mature cory's

filter is a Fluval 406, with charcoal and bio balls
planted tank 8hrs light plus ambient from the room
lots of wood, oak leaves (for the shrimp)

ph is an 8.0
0ppm ammonia
0ppm nitrites
nitrates 0ppm
kh 11 degrees South Texas has some hard water.

Sickly looking Pitbull Pleco, Lda25 DSCN0818
Sickly looking Pitbull Pleco, Lda25 DSCN0817-1
Sickly looking Pitbull Pleco, Lda25 DSCN0816
Sickly looking Pitbull Pleco, Lda25 DSCN0817

Tank size and setup:


filtration (Internal, external, flow rate, last cleaned and what it was cleaned in):

Airstone/sponge filter etc:


Fish affected by issue (all/bottom dwellers, all bristlenose or a single fish etc):

Feeding system (what, how much, how often):

current water change system (before illness appeared):

water changes made since illness appeared:

As many levels as you know (pH, Ammonia, nitrate, nitirite, KH, GH, TDS, aanything you can find out, your local fish shop should be able to help with this):

any chemicals used (including carbon/chemical fitration inside the filter):

water source and treatment:

Major changes in the last 3 weeks (new fish, new plants, new anything or changes):

Symptoms (gasping, not moving, bloated, spots, wounds, stressed colours etc):

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Sickly looking Pitbull Pleco, Lda25 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sickly looking Pitbull Pleco, Lda25   Sickly looking Pitbull Pleco, Lda25 EmptySun Feb 19, 2012 5:02 pm

Hi,he looks exstremely thin and sunken in.What was in the tank with him where he came from? it could be a case of bad bullying and not being able to get to food etc or it could be internal parasite or internal bacteria.

I would quarentine him and begin bacteria meds immediately and see how that goes for a few days to start with.Try API Melafix and API Pimafix together.
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Sickly looking Pitbull Pleco, Lda25
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