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 Frozen Green Beans?

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Frozen Green Beans? Empty
PostSubject: Frozen Green Beans?   Frozen Green Beans? EmptySat Aug 25, 2012 1:42 pm

I have a bag of frozen green beans in my freezer, can BNs eat those? Also I have a bag of sweet peas which I know you can feed them when/if they're bloated, but is it ok to give them deshelled sweet peas say 2-3x weekly?

Normally I feed my BNs 2(each) OmegaOne Veggies rounds every night. They are all singularly kept adults in seperate tanks. The other fish and/or turtle in 2 instances eat them as well which is why I distract them by putting one wafer in one far side of the tank and the other wafer in the other side....

Anyways I thought it was time to start mixing it up a bit seeing as I want to start breeding soon. I plan on buying them cucumber, which I know they like. I tried zucchinni but they didn't really go for it. I thought the frozen stuff might be a good option as well since I tend not to got to the grocerie store that often. Not that I can't afford to, I'm just super busy between work and school, I normally eat in my car sadly enough. It's odd how I go to the pet store more often than the grocerie store!
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Frozen Green Beans?
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