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 HELP!!! Massive whitespot outbreak

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Small Fry
Small Fry

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PostSubject: HELP!!! Massive whitespot outbreak   Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:05 am

hi, ok where do i start >>

* 4ft tank - gravel - driftwood - javamoss
* eheim 2217 filter
* 5 x longfin bns
* 100+ bn fry under 4cm

once a month water tests
all levels good
temp 25 - 27

story line >>>
i sold 2x bn fry to someone i knew, next day they told me they hav white lumpy egg things on them, i went out to my bn tank and tryed to c if i cud see these lump things , i cudnt really make it out.
next day i did water change , didnt notice much, but took out one particular bit of driftwood out cuz i had it wdged as it wasnt sinking,,, when i started looking at it , i noticed two dead bns in a non visable to the eye hole where they have died obviously unable to get out, but i cudnt see it, there bodys were very rotted yukky, i took em out n cleaned wood but didnt put it back in tank.
anyway next morning i checked my bn tank they were all dead Sad
i scooped them all out, took the driftwood out and the moss and the gravel cuz obviously whole tank was vile.

they all had white lump like eggs on there whole body.

anyway ive stripped whole tank
what do i use to sanitize everything???? filter and media... heater.....wood......tank??? white vinegar - metho - salt - hot water ?????

any suggestions? cheers

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PostSubject: Re: HELP!!! Massive whitespot outbreak   Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:20 pm

this template will help organize your thoughts Smile

pics would have been helpful as it doesn't sound like whitespot. unless you had been missing the symptoms for the last week-10 days whitespot doesn't kill that fast unless something is really wrong.

My thoughts are that something came in with the drift wood. where did you get it?

once the two dead males were uncovered that would have sent a huge plume of ammonia into the water adding a huge amount of stress to an already stressed and ill tank which pushed them over the edge.

can you describe the white spots a bit more? were they like grains of salt on the body, were there lots of them, or were they larger, more like blobs?

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HELP!!! Massive whitespot outbreak
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