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 Advice needed........

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Fish Egg
Fish Egg

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PostSubject: Advice needed........   Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:35 am

Hello Everyone,

My female albino BN is gravid (I believe). Her abdomen is huge. She is very wide and her abdomen is protruding quite a bit as well.

This morning she was sucking on the glass right underneath the water flow from the filter, and I could actually see her abdomen moving and slightly lower I could see a "bulging" as though she is pushing. I pray that she is gravid its not something intestinal.

Anyway, if she is gravid, I think she is ready to lay her eggs but the male hasn't taken to the pvc pipe I put in. They have driftwood that he is always stuck to. He does favor a spot close to the bottom between the wood and the glass. I guess the location he likes on the wood could be considered a makeshift cave.

I wonder if she hasn't placed them yet because of this? Would she be able to hold off for a little while if an appropriate spot has not been prepared by the male?

I appreciate any advice you can give!


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Juvenile Bristlenose
Juvenile Bristlenose

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PostSubject: Re: Advice needed........   Tue Sep 08, 2009 9:03 am

hi kabella, i would take out the pvc pipe and get a clay log for yr male, make sure its not to big, mine like a snug fit. post a pic of yr female as im sure someone will be able to see if she is gravid.hope this helps. munter
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Kurosaki J
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PostSubject: Re: Advice needed........   Fri Sep 11, 2009 10:59 pm

High Kabella, like munter suggested post a pic of your female , this will give a more accurate answer as wether she is gravid, as for your caves - if you can afford to get one of the terracotta "D" caves grab one they are the perfect size for B/N or try siliconing a big rock or something to close the back of the PVC piping in stead of having open straight through .
cheers J
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PostSubject: Re: Advice needed........   

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Advice needed........
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