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 Bristlenoses dying, considering quitting.

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PostSubject: Bristlenoses dying, considering quitting.   Fri Aug 29, 2014 5:28 pm

Well, I bought a new male two weeks ago exactly (couldn't muster to get one after loosing my first male bristlenose almost a year ago to a heater accident) and he died today while i was cleaning the tank, he spazzed out and all the unpleasant stuff. He was fighting with the female frequently and when I fished him out he was really scratched up on the stomach and his fins appeared to be rotting and we're damaged largely from the arguments, i did notice a day prior his bristles on the front we're damaged as well, i thought this was all because he had been shoving himself in some very tight places (which are now blocked off)

My peppermint bristle-nose that has been with me for almost year is hanging round near the top of the tank and is very mellow and my female albino has some fin tearing and some redness on her fins and is doing the same (they have never previously sat at the top of the glass). Literally all popped up in the past few days. Lost the last neon tetra I had left and a glass catfish a few days ago.
I'm guessing its fin rot, which is likely what knocked off the last glass catfish the day before.

About ready to quit fish keeping I think if either of these two go. I love bristlenoses and they are the reason I got into the hobby, but I can't stand the constant deaths despite my best efforts. I've lost two male bristlenoses now, 7 glass catfish and 12 neons all in under a year, to various fungal infections, neon tetra disease and now fin rot.
I do everything to the book but I just can't win I guess.

Im gonna try and save them as best as I can, what's the best I can do for them?
I've treated with Wardley Fungal-ade at 1 drop per 5L as i was unsure if i should do a normal dose.

I've got 0 ammonia and nitrite
and i do 25% water changes weekly, sometimes 50%
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PostSubject: Re: Bristlenoses dying, considering quitting.   Thu Sep 04, 2014 1:39 am

Its always sad when you lose a fish, partially a favourite fish.

It sounds to me like there is some serious issues going on in your tank and based on my experience it often comes from over stocking or over feeding.

You mention that you ammonia is 0 and you do the standard water changes but what about your other levels? Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphate... all of these will impact on your fish's health. I suggest you get these tested.

Also, to get some insight into your tank. what size is it, what filter do you run and what fish are in the tank?

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Bristlenoses dying, considering quitting.
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