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 Urgent help needed with tail kinks on peppermint fry.

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PostSubject: Urgent help needed with tail kinks on peppermint fry.   Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:23 am

Hi, as some of you know ive been dabbling in breeding peppermints with until recently good success. The last batch of fry i had in my fry saver Ive been losing about 1 every couple of days like clock work. Now i hadnt had a good look at them until today when I noticed about 50% had kinked spines Sad. Cry...
OK So know i need to figure out why this has occured currently they are in the same tank system as my breeding pepps. Water parameters are 6.8ph 0 ammonia 0 nitrate low nitrites 26c. Tanks are heavily filtered with fluidized bed system and fed 14% fresh water every day through a 2 hour drip system water is run through dechlorination filter.

Ive been feeding the fry algae wafers with occasional zuchini. Algae wafers are the same i feed all my fish inc common bristlenose never noticed any with kinks with them.

Genetics i guess is the worst possible cause. The most recent batch from this trio have just left the cave and I have them in a fry saver of my own construction just a plastic lunch box with a uplift for fresh water and a mesh to let it out back into the main tank. No has a good hard stare at them all 40-50 all up and couldnt see any type of deformation all look straight as a di. Will genetic problems show from the very beginning or can that show in a few weeks time? Ive got a second batch of wriggles that just go kicked out the cave from one of my other trios (first spawn for these) So ill also keep a close eye on them to see what happens.
Any help advice will be much appreciated.
Thanks Anthony
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Urgent help needed with tail kinks on peppermint fry.
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