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 HELP -getting my first baby bristlenoses, need advice

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Fish Egg
Fish Egg

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PostSubject: HELP -getting my first baby bristlenoses, need advice   Mon Nov 02, 2009 12:17 am

Just bought 3 albino and 3 black baby bristlenoses about 1inch/3cms. Collecting them on Tue. Need advice on feeding and housing them. Is it better to keep the baby bristles in
1.Community tank, sand substrate with much larger mollies, platy and guppies
2. Fry tank, bare bottom no substrate with young guppies and mollies about 1.5cm each
All fry currently get high protein finely ground fry food twice daily. Will baby bristles be OK with this or should I give them sinking algae pellets? There is no algae in the tank.
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Kurosaki J
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PostSubject: Re: HELP -getting my first baby bristlenoses, need advice   Mon Nov 02, 2009 2:16 am

High firstfish, nice to see the bristlie bug has got you to .
Whats the dealy with the little black B/N , have they got nice crisp white spots over a solid black base colour?
At the size of your fish I would go with the community tank, I think other members here use a sand substrate so that bit would be ok , the tank mates "could" be a problem later down the track when your fish mature eg. chasing babies( a problem which is easily sorted) and picking at and trying to eat the adult males bristles( which may not even present as a problem to you) how ever between the 6 new fish you are going to have add processed algae wafer for them to eat, which is why I'd lean away from putting them into the fry tank- probably way to much protein based foods for them consume + plus the fact @ approx 12 months you want to add more algae based foods instead of proteins( a little protein is good for them - B/N's just aren't meant to eat a lot of it)
I hope that helps a little.
cheers J
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HELP -getting my first baby bristlenoses, need advice
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