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 Breeding bristlenose with kribensis in the tank?!?!

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Juvenile Bristlenose

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PostSubject: Breeding bristlenose with kribensis in the tank?!?!   Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:43 pm

Its recently started to worry me that it may not be possible to breed my bristlenose in my tank whilst my kribensis are in there?

The kribs themselves are also in spawning mode but keep completely away from the bristlenose.

They tend to hang around the cave which is the opposite side of the tank to where my male has chosen a cave.... but im just worried... will the kribs eat the fry if they breed?!

Ive got 4 kribs but 2 are being picked up soon....

Will I have to remove the fry as soon as they start to swim around, or will they be ok in the tank?

I might have to get rid of the kribs but I really don't want to, and my other tanks arent big enough to keep the kribs in!

Im thinking of not letting the kribs breed... then that way they will stay swimming around the top which they usually do.
In the past, theyve been put off spawning whenever Ive moved the tank around... even if I just move their cave somewhere.
I know it sounds cruel haha but is there any way I could keep both ? Sad
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Breeding bristlenose with kribensis in the tank?!?!
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