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 Bristlenoseworld on the mobile....via smartphones, Android and Iphones

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Bristlenoseworld on the mobile....via smartphones, Android and Iphones Empty
PostSubject: Bristlenoseworld on the mobile....via smartphones, Android and Iphones   Bristlenoseworld on the mobile....via smartphones, Android and Iphones EmptySat Sep 11, 2010 7:55 am

How do we do a Bristlenoseworld mobile version...

I always thought I would not be asking this question, but since the workmen have been digging the pavement up
around our village I have not had the internet much lately, and I have been forced to use the site more on more on my mobile.

However have you noticed how unusable it is on the smartphone.

Big load up pages, then very awkward start up pages.

Quite often it will mean a black web page taking forever to load up, and then it will not appear as it does
on our PC's.... had to that - that when it does load up the text and icons are so small you cant select them correctly.

I also notice that going into the phone settings and increasing your web page font size setting to the max as no
desired out come on the page, so your unable to customize the web page from your phone...

It's been along time since I did PC programming, but I think it is something to do with the java settings and scripts, though could be wrong.

So come on guys, lets take this into the Aqua Rank Top 10, but as we go there lets try to make
a mobile version alot of easier to use, and more mobile friendly.

May be that way we will be used more on the go, and that may give us the impetus we need to reach
the Top 10 of best fish keeping web sites Smile

Lets see if we can get extra cyber space time by seeing if we can get a smartphone version, then Iphone version, then andriod etc....

Were nearly there now and I am sure that there will be some members that can help Curby to fine tune
the code or settings to make more accessible to all, and take us from a excellent web site
to a legendary one for Pleco and fish keeping.

I am sure I am not the only one that would like to use the site on the go.

Have to say sometime's I do refer back to it even when out at the LFS, that's if the phone does not crash
loading the web pages

Once again...Thank you to Curby and all my new fish keeping enthusiast friends.
Your friendship may be shortlived though.... lol

Hope you stay in touch as in the next few weeks I may not have internet broadband at home,
so be forced to access it via my smartphone, however this is problematic.. so if you miss me for a while you have my sincere apologies in advance.

kind regards... LJ
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Bristlenoseworld on the mobile....via smartphones, Android and Iphones
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