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 Mustard Spot Pleco (LDA31) Panaque albomaculatus

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Mustard Spot Pleco (LDA31) Panaque albomaculatus Empty
PostSubject: Mustard Spot Pleco (LDA31) Panaque albomaculatus   Mustard Spot Pleco (LDA31) Panaque albomaculatus EmptySun Dec 28, 2008 11:08 pm

Mustard Spot Pleco (LDA31) Panaque albomaculatus

Mustard Spot Pleco (LDA31) Panaque albomaculatus 33jtpwp

Fish Statistics
Minimum Tank Size:200 litres
Origin:South America
Temp (C):22-27 C
Max Size:13 cm

pH:6.0 - 7.0
Care Level:Moderate

The Mustard Spot Pleco originates from the rivers in Ecuador. Mustard Spot Plecos must have wood in their tank, which they enjoy eating. They prefer strong water flow, sand and hiding places or caves. Mustard Spot Plecos are not aggressive to other Plecos.
Coloration can vary depending on age, sex and where the fish were caught. Larger to smaller spots have been seen and even broken spots giving the appearance of stripes. Males are slightly larger than females and have longer pectoral fins. Breeding has not been recorded with this Pleco.
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Mustard Spot Pleco (LDA31) Panaque albomaculatus
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