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 Super reds ==> albinos?

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PostSubject: Super reds ==> albinos?   Fri May 22, 2015 4:24 pm

I have basically ignored my 30 gal tank with super-reds. Oh, they get their daily algae wafer, I regularly change their water and clean the (bare) bottom. And I've given them plenty of hiding places: 3 pieces of driftwood, 2 kinds of pleco cave/log. But no special care, rarely any veggies. Ignored, like I said.
Then two days ago I see a piece of lint stuck to the front glass. About 1/2 cm long, thicker in the top half then tapering off toward the bottom. And it moves with the current.
NO, it's alive! And not alone — there are at least 4 of them! All of them totally white, all stuck to the glass about half-way up. I'm a daddy!
I've been keeping a variety of plecos for years: debilittera , mega clowns, l144s. But I'd never seen babies before.
Water parameters: about 74° F, pH around 7.5 or 8, TDS 4.

Now I just hope nobody else in the tank (apistos, snails) decides this "lint" looks good to eat!
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Super reds ==> albinos?
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