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 Honey Dwarf Gourami (Colisa sota)

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Honey Dwarf Gourami (Colisa sota) Empty
PostSubject: Honey Dwarf Gourami (Colisa sota)   Honey Dwarf Gourami (Colisa sota) EmptyThu Jun 24, 2010 1:56 pm

Honey Dwarf Gourami Colisa sota

Honey Dwarf Gourami (Colisa sota) Honeygourami
Regular or "true"variety

The ”true” variant of the honey gourami is not often sold in shops anymore due to the fact this species will rarely colour up in a shop, they instead opt to provide the aquarium developed orange/gold variety simply because it maintains it’s colouration even in shop conditions.

Honey Dwarf Gourami (Colisa sota) FireHoney4
Orange variety or "fire honey"

Origin: Bangladesh

Size/Length: To 1.7" (4.5 cm)

Aquarium: A tank measuring 20" (51 cm) with a volume of 10 gallons (38 L) is suggested.
Plant the corners and sides of the tank heavily and allow open swimming areas in the middle. A few floating plants are recommended to provide areas of shade.

Water chemistry:pH 6-7.5 (6.8 ), 2-18 dH (6), 73-82°F (23-28°C)

Social behavior: This timid species is peaceful towards other species. An excellent community fish for those tanks housing other peaceful fish. This species can be kept in pairs or in groups.

Recommended tankmates: Smaller community species; Colisa , Trichopsis, Corydoras , Danios, Loaches, Loricarids, tetras, panchax, livebearers.

FOOD: Aquatic insects, Tubifex/bloodworms , Brine Shrimp, insect larvae, flake, pellets/tablets

OTHER COMMENTS: Easy to breed, parents do not seem to be infantcidal and can be left with their young.
Will normally appear as a colourless looking gourami in shops (true variety) but will show colour quickly once settled in an established aquarium.
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Honey Dwarf Gourami (Colisa sota)
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