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 supafish crappy products to avoid

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simo notts
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Juvenile Bristlenose
simo notts

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supafish crappy products to avoid Empty
PostSubject: supafish crappy products to avoid   supafish crappy products to avoid EmptySat Jul 17, 2010 8:09 am

hi from my own personal experiances and after seeeing for my self the massive stack of warrenty junk at my work place it has come to my attension that supafish are products to be really avoided.

i wouldnt dream of using a supafish tank incase the tank leaked or the light stopped working

i wouldnt dare use a supafish filter as why would i put all my fish in that sort of danger

i would never use a supafish air pump incase it melted and tryed catching fire like my last one did Mad

i no fully well that there are issues with other brands ie jewel light units but supafish take the prize as by far the worst brand of fish keeping products on the market

dont go for the cheapy cheapy approach it will most sertainly end in disappointment

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supafish crappy products to avoid
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