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 What about a members download page?

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What about a members download page? Empty
PostSubject: What about a members download page?   What about a members download page? EmptyTue Aug 10, 2010 4:31 am

Just a thought what about a members download area?

Forgive me for saying I could have missed it but do we have a members download area.

You know a place members can find useful downloads....

Eg. downloads of tanks setup's, filter manuals, lighting set up's, or even spread sheets members have made up to keep
track or their fish rooms, or even vouchers other members have spotted on fish related web sites etc. Twisted Evil

It could all help to increase our popularity if we offer some thing better or a wider range of resources.

By the way did you know there is a fish exhibtion and auction at Castleford, West Yorkshire in the next few weeks.

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What about a members download page?
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