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 Snowball - I'm back again xDD

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Snowball - I'm back again xDD Empty
PostSubject: Snowball - I'm back again xDD   Snowball - I'm back again xDD EmptyTue Nov 15, 2011 12:34 pm

Hello Very Happy

Umm, I was just posting quickly to ask for some advice or knowledge. :O

Basically, the first fish I purchased (about 2 and a half months back) is a Snowball pleco. It was marked up as an LDA33 but I have known the aquatics centre to be wrong in the past with L number markings. I have been told that they can grow to the size of 11", but I have found that she is roughly 4 inches and has grown very little length-wise since I purchased her. She has widened out though, do you think she'll hit a growth spurt like my common ancistrus or what? Very Happy

She is currently in a 180 Litre tank with;

Peppermint Bristlenose
Flash Pleco
4x Baby Corydora Jullis
4x Syndontis Petricolas

There are a few free swimming fish but bottom feeders, that's all.

I have also found that she won't eat any vegetables, my peppermint is the only one out of the three eating any and he loves courgette or cucumber. Snowball will only eat bloodworm and I don't know what Flash is eating, I have NEVER seen him eat during the day but he has been in my tank for about a month now and still alive so I am assuming he is eating leftovers.

Thanks for any help. Smile
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Snowball - I'm back again xDD
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