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 Baby Corydoras Aenus

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PostSubject: Baby Corydoras Aenus   Baby Corydoras Aenus EmptyWed Sep 05, 2012 3:53 pm

I got a shock today when I looked into one of my tanks. Looking back at me was a little Corydoras Aenus (Bronze Armoured Catfish). Strange thing is, even thought that I have these fish in the tank I have done nothing to encourage them to breed, seen no eggs and did not think of breeding them. Since he is a little bigger now, he has just survived in that tank under the plants etc all this time. No special food etc. Also the adults in the tank have not touched him. So I called him Lucky. I guess sometimes it is just fine to let nature take its course rather then stress about breeding fish.
Marty Baby Corydoras Aenus 1650918589

Just a shot I just took of the little guy:
Baby Corydoras Aenus Baby_c10
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Baby Corydoras Aenus
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