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 Hi all, I'm new here...

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Fish Egg
Fish Egg

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Hi all, I'm new here...  Empty
PostSubject: Hi all, I'm new here...    Hi all, I'm new here...  EmptyWed Oct 03, 2012 11:16 pm

Re Genetics...
I'm trying for the LF Super Red...
I'm breeding LF Calico (Red/Black), both Mum and Dad are LF Calico x Super Red Sf, so I'm waiting to see the results. Both the male and female have the same parents. So, to mix the gene pool, do I add another Super Red to get the red without the calico, or a Lemon for the LF? Hi all, I'm new here...  3235774899

I've no idea what the Lemons' genes are lol They spawn approx 70% LF / 30% Sf. (To be clear, my Lemons are the 'blue/black eyed', a colour morph of common browns) For the record, the 'blue' is the iris colour, best seen on the adults.

Also breeding:
Lemon LF My Lemons are a smiley 'Smile' block yellow.
Super Red Sf

I've been reading the genetics on here with great interest.
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Hi all, I'm new here...  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hi all, I'm new here...    Hi all, I'm new here...  EmptyThu Oct 04, 2012 2:24 am

Hello and Hi all, I'm new here...  Bristlenoseworld

good luck with trying to breed the super red longfins but i have a feeling its alot harder and longer process than it seems. otherwise they would be as readily available as the other varients. there are some out there as a member on here posted pics of super red longfins a while back

Hi all, I'm new here...  Death_Can_Headbang_by_ItchyBarracudaHi all, I'm new here...  KarlgifHi all, I'm new here...  Death_Can_Headbang_by_ItchyBarracuda
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Hi all, I'm new here...
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