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 Another moral issues

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PostSubject: Another moral issues   Another moral issues EmptyFri Aug 09, 2013 10:41 pm

I have 2 trios: one reg. albino, one fake 144. They keep breeding  so every 6 weeks I have about 250 new fry. I sell them to the LFSs and sure, it's great not to spend a penny on the hobby and make some extra cash too, but from the other hand:
1) It's not possible that I'm the only one around so it must be thousands of new fish on the market.
2) I find hard to believe that number of fish-keepers grows as fast as we supply.
It must be plenty of people that keep buying fish and they just die in their tanks. I don't feel it's OK, but what else one can do with the fry?
Sure, I could split the trios, stop breeding but then it'd be expensive hobby.
Did anybody have any thoughts on that?
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PostSubject: Re: Another moral issues   Another moral issues EmptySat Aug 10, 2013 3:38 am

When I was breeding the crs and the rcs I sold so many I lost count, I couldnt understand when they where so easily bred that there was still a market for them.

Many of the buyers spent considerable sums $100 or so. I always asked what are you putting them in with ?

Often the answer would be discus or Africans. I offered to take back the shrimp and said I thought it would be an expensive meal. No- one ever gave back the shrimp.  

In the wild a very small number of fish make it to adulthood. I guess its not far different in aquariums.
Also for many the only way to learn is to suffer loss. Its how most learn.

If you have a issue of conscience u have to do what u think is right I guess.

I always give what I believe to be the best advice I can, after that its up to the individual. Some succeed where others fail every tank is different.
I think if you offer good advice and don't deceive we have done our part.

My anemones stable diet is shrimp I breed, if others want to feed them to their fish its their business, as long as I don't allow them to think that the shrimp would be fine with the predators in their tank.
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PostSubject: Re: Another moral issues   Another moral issues EmptySat Aug 10, 2013 9:18 am

indeed it is a interesting thing.

During the height of my breeding of bristlenose i was moving 100s a week! I later got a job in one of the better fish shops in the area and it was interesting to see how they were sold.

The shop i worked in would sell about 30-40 a month. They were generally to new people setting up new tanks. we weould always recommend one for a new tank (once cycled) as a clean up crew. Initially it surprised me but it soon became common to shift 10 a day and never see the customer again (or until they needed more food).

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PostSubject: Re: Another moral issues   Another moral issues EmptySun Aug 11, 2013 10:35 am

most of the breeding here is done in community tanks so it is only the strong make it unless it is my prize angels prs or Trichopodus microlepis they get their own breeding tanks
I have never had i problem with selling them to people with the right size tank and tank mates for them now that im at a petstore i bring them to work but still make sure they go to the right people
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PostSubject: Re: Another moral issues   Another moral issues EmptySun Aug 11, 2013 6:33 pm

I separate my adult males and females to prevent accidental broods. I focus one one or two broods at a time, raising them and selling them in various forms. So far I have sold fish on AB, through CL, and at our local club's monthly auctions. I hear a lot of feedback on my fish and I believe they are going to decent homes.
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PostSubject: Re: Another moral issues   Another moral issues Empty

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Another moral issues
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