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 Redtail Botia Loach (Botia modesta)

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Redtail Botia Loach (Botia modesta) Empty
PostSubject: Redtail Botia Loach (Botia modesta)   Redtail Botia Loach (Botia modesta) EmptyMon Dec 29, 2008 1:32 pm

Redtail Botia Loach (Botia modesta)

Redtail Botia Loach (Botia modesta) A1mydx

Image Provided by Pier Aqautics...
Redtail Botia Loach (Botia modesta) 9i4r42

Fish Statistics

Minimum Tank Size:200 litres



Temp (C):22-27 C

Max Size:25cm



pH:6.0 - 7.5

Care Level:Moderate

The Redtail Botia Loach is a scaleless fish and a bottom-dweller that originates from the streams throughout Asia. The body of this Botia Loach is bluish to silver in coloration, and like other Botia loaches, can be identified by the four pairs of barbels protruding from its mouth area. The fins are bright red to orange in color adding further appeal to this species. This beautiful species are active scavengers and will help control snail populations in a planted aquarium.
The Redtail Botia Loach is a semi-aggressive fish that enjoys the company of its own species, or other semi-aggressive fish. It will school with others of the same age and size. The Redtail Botia Loach appreciates caves, holes, and other places to hide, especially when it sleeps. They are also a natural predator of snails, and will aid in their control in the aquarium.

The breeding habits of this species are not known, and successful captive breeding has yet to be recorded.

The Redtail Botia Loach requires small amounts of food several times a day. Feed them a varied diet of bloodworms, brine shrimp and a quality flake or pellet food.
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Redtail Botia Loach (Botia modesta)
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