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 Tank layout and water currents.

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Tank layout and water currents. Empty
PostSubject: Tank layout and water currents.   Tank layout and water currents. EmptyTue Mar 11, 2014 9:58 pm

I have currently got all my tanks plumbed to a central sump and the returns to each tank are adjustable. Just wondering how people direct there water flow and design their tank layout around this. Ive got two thoughts on this at the is to build up the center of the tank space with rocks and caves and direct the water current along one side wall to try and create circular current around the tank the other though is to build build up the center of the tank with rocks caves ect but extend it right to the back wall length ways of the tank in a horseshoe configuration and direct the water flow along the side wall but pointed down at the bottom say 45 degrees in the hope that any detrious is pushed around sides of the tank to the intake area. Any tips on what you think is a good way to go or your own setups.
Thanks Anthony
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Tank layout and water currents.
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