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 Campatability questions

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PostSubject: Campatability questions   Campatability questions EmptyThu Dec 02, 2010 5:28 am

Hey Guys

I've got a Blueplanet tank Kingdom 100 and i plan to get some plecos for the tank.
I'm considering of getting 3 L270's for the tank. But in another i tank i have about 13 plecos in a 3 ft (to the people who thinks this too much, i have maintained this amount of fish for nearly a year in the tank and they are living happily)
but i would like to unload it a bit so its easier for me to clean and such. so I am thinking of putting in My 3 LG6 whiptails in with them because they are the only fish that would do fine with the L270 feeding wise.
Would you say it would be fine if i got the LG6 whiptails in with them? if not its okay because they are living fine in the 3ft with my other plecos.

And also i would like some general info on L270.
So far what i know is that they are a hyp-so carnivorous but i can feed them veges from time to time
im not too sure on temperament
Also i know that for anypleco a good amount of hiding places are needed.
the tank comes with a filter i think... but i plan to add another just in case.

Thanks in advance
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Campatability questions
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