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 Time to take it more seriously

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PostSubject: Time to take it more seriously   Time to take it more seriously EmptyWed Oct 10, 2012 1:40 am

After a few years of moving around we have finally settled in the house we are currently in. My tank, a tall 3ft tank has been at my parents place for a year and a half. It has unfortunately been neglected a bit as my parents are a bit over it. That's ok, they had fun with it for a while.

Something that is still doing very well is my bristlenose which I have had for I'm guessing 3 years. It has always been my favourite fish after having many community fish. It's the only fish that I will sit and watch.

I've been wanting to get the tank back for a while, but have now come to the realisation that I don't want a community tank. I just want bristlenose. I had been keen on doing the whole planted thing, but after having a go at it before, it's not my thing.

So a few questions.

How big do bristlenose have to be before they are muture enough to breed. I'm certain mine is female, and is about 4 inches long.

I have never fed my bristlenose a specific diet, as it has been fine eating whatever I have fed the community fish, but I'm guessing there is something better I can give her?

Do I need some plants in the tank to keep the bristlenose happy or the tank healthy? I have a rather large canister filter for it.
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Time to take it more seriously
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